Guide on Editing Photos with Movavi Photo Editor for Mac for Photographers

Most raw photos need to be edited as they are usually not perfect and contain flaws. Even professional photographers who are well trained in taking photographers have to use a photo editor software to edit their photos. Most of the time, the pictures that you see on brochures or websites or magazines are edited before. Editing a photo is necessary for establishing a good impression on the customers.

It is quite affordable to get a photo editor software like Movavi Photo Editor for Mac. It is not wise to spend your hard earned money on expensive photo editor if you simply need to rectify some flaws in your photos. In Mac Photo Editor, you can erase anything in the photo with the object removal tool. The object removal tool works like an eraser that will erase away any object that is marked with red.

To mark an object, you must select the brush tool under the Object Removal tab. It works like miracles in erasing lots of unwanted details from the photo at the same time. this saves you a lot of time compared to the old fashion method of manually changing the flawed area to the nearby pattern with a clone stamp tool.

It will exactly remove the object from the photo without making a mess out of it. When you mark the object, you will be able to see an outline drawn over it. It only remove what is inside the outline. Nothing outside the outline of the object marked in red will be removed.

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac is not just for removing flaws in photo. It also can be useful for resizing the photo for all kinds of purposes. For example, you can use to reduce the size of a large photo to a small size for use as an account profile picture. If you are thinking ways to free up the disk space, you can resize your photo to a smaller size. The rotate tool can be used if you have photos that are snapped in the wrong position. The rotate tool can also level your crooked photo at any angle.

Some people don’t like to share their photos in the raw form for example, a photo of yourself. If you don’t want people to see the photos in raw form, you can add the effects filter so that it look like it has been edited before. Each filter will make your photo looks slightly different. You can find a variety of artistic and texture filters in the Effects library.

If you want your photo to show some text, you should select the Text tab and click the Add Text button. You can adjust the angle your text is displaying. You can drag the text rotation slider until you achieve the desired crooked position in the text. To make the text on the photo look transparent and not clear, you can drag the opacity slider backward to a value that is lesser than 100.